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Welcome to the TUFLOW Wiki

The TUFLOW Wiki contains information relating to the building, running and processing of hydraulic models using TUFLOW Classic. It is designed both as a repository of information and to allow for feedback. To get started please start browsing the categories below. The About page contains further information that might be useful for users new to both the Wiki and to TUFLOW. The Wiki is accessible to users that are not logged in, however to contribute in the discussion pages please register for an account and log in.

Note: Please note that this site is continually being enhanced with new content, therefore, new pages are being added and existing pages may be updated.
The TUFLOW Wiki is designed to be used in conjunction with the TUFLOW Forum and the TUFLOW website.


TUFLOW Message Database

Tutorial Models

TUFLOW Tutorial Model

Using Scenarios / Logic Control

The following modules are also planned:

  • Module 11 (Advanced Output Options)
  • Module 12 (Variable Topography: Embankment Breach)

Flood Modeller - TUFLOW Tutorial Model

  • Tutorial Model Introduction (coming soon)
  • Tutorial Module 1 (HX link) (coming soon)
  • Tutorial Module 2 (X1DH link) (coming soon)
  • Tutorial Module 3 (X1DQ link) (coming soon)

Demo Models

The following models were created as part of the Floodplain Management Association 2012 Annual Conference 2-D Modelling Challenge:

The following page provides a link to over 50 examples that showcase the most commonly used TUFLOW features and model configurations.

Tips and Tricks

Text Editor/Spreadsheet Software

GIS/GUI Software


Model Conversions


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