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Notepad++ (also called Notepad Plus Plus) is a free editor which can be downloaded from []. It has some functionality that makes it preferable as a editor for creating TUFLOW control files. This functionality includes:

  • Colour coding of TUFLOW files (syntax highlighting)
  • Ability to start a TUFLOW simulation using the currently open files as the .tcf input.
  • Ability to highlight a filename and open the file directly. For example from a .tcf a a geometry control file (.tgc) can be opened without having to locate it in an explorer style menu.

In order to setup the syntax highlighting and the shortcuts an .xml file is required. This can downloaded from the "Other" section of the TUFLOW downloads page [].

Thanks to Edenvale Young putting together the syntax highlighting file.


Useful Plugins

The following plugins can be useful when using Notepad++ (not just for TUFLOW modelling)! Please feel free to add any suggestions either via the discussion page, or via email to