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Tool Description

Checks the ID of each channel in the network and flag channels that have duplicate names or a NULL / empty ID. The tool also has a processing option to automatically correct these instances. Note: 'x' connectors are ignored by this tool as they don't require an ID.

This tool was introduced in TUFLOW Plugin Version 3.2.


The following inputs are used:

  • Input Network Lines


The following are output from the tool:

  • Output point layer - an output log from the tool identifying potential channel ID errors
  • A temporary layer for each input with channel ID corrected (if running 'fix non-compliant ids')

Processing Options

The following options are available:

  • Flag non-compliant channel IDs - will loop through all inputs and flag channels that have either duplicate IDs or NULL / empty IDs.
  • Fix non-compliant channel IDs - will fix all channel IDs flagged as duplicate or NULL / empty IDs. The altered or new ID will be determined based on the selected rules.
    For duplicate IDs:
    • Append letters to duplicate IDs - will append a letter to each duplicate ID (starting at 'a' for the first duplicate, then 'b' etc.). e.g. pipe1a, pipe1b, pipe2a etc.
    • Append a number to duplicate IDS using a delimiter - append user defined delimiter and number (starting at 1) to duplicate IDs e.g. pipe1_1, pipe1_2, pipe2_1

    For NULL/empty IDs:

    • New IDs will be generated based on the feature ID (FID) and a user defined prefix. Inherently FIDs are guaranteed to be unique however may conflict with existing names, when this occurs the duplicate rules above will be used to determine a new ID. Users can specify different prefixes for different channel types (e.g. C: pipe, R: box etc). A single rule can be extended to apply for multiple types by using a comma to delimit the types (e.g. S,G: channel).

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