1D Integrity Tool - Pipe Direction

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Tool Description

Checks pipe direction and will correct based on the selected processing option.


The following inputs are used:

  • Input Network Lines


The following are output from the tool:

  • Output point layer - an output log from the tool documenting where pipe directions were reversed.
  • A temporary layer for each input with pipe direction corrected.

Processing Options

The following options are available:

  • Based on inverts - will change the pipe direction if there is an adverse gradient (downstream invert is higher than the upstream invert). Recommended only if it is apparent from an initial, manual inspection that the pipe dataset has occurrences of this error (i.e. not recommended to run this option by default without first confirming it's needed).

    This option will only correct pipe direction if the adverse inverts are in the channel attribute data (i.e. if elevations are stored at the pits, then this option will not change the pipe direction).

  • Based on pipe direction continuity - This option will perform a basic check based on the incoming and outgoing pipe directions. If the upostream or downstream junction has 3 or more pipes entering/leaving, the tool will not change the pipe direction as the continuity at these locations can be ambiguous.

Prior to TUFLOW Plugin Version 3.3 the tool allowed both processing options to be run together, however it has been changed so that each processing option should be run separately and sequentially.'

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