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Tool Description

Checks the snapping of all input 1D network lines (channels) and 1D network points. For lines, it will check that both the upstream and downstream end of the line is snapped to the upstream or downstream end of another line. For points, it wil check that each point is snapped to either an upstream or downstream end of a line.

This tool also has an option to automate snapping correction and will find the closest connection within the radius and snap them together for both lines and points.


The following inputs are used:

  • Input Network Lines
  • Input Network Points (optional)


The following are output from the tool:

  • Output point layer - an output log from the tool identifying where snapping errors where found. If 'auto snap' was run (see processing options below), where the tool made corrections.
  • A temporary layer for each input with snapping corrected (if 'auto snap' was run)

Processing Options

The following options are available:

  • Use exclusion radius - used for input lines only. If an object is unsnapped, and the closest object is outside the exclusion radius, then the object is not flagged. The purpose of this option is to reduce the amount of unneccessary flagging performed at the most upstream and downstream ends of the network.
  • Auto Snap - Will automatically move unsnapped objects and snap them if there are any within the given search radius.

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