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TUFLOW can directly read elevation data from a Digital Elevation Model (DEM). One of the formats recognised is the binary .flt format. This is a widely used format and is mush faster to read / write than the ESRI ASCII Grid (.asc). The instructions below outline the process for exporting from a raster layer in ArcMap to a ESRI ASCII grid.

TUFLOW can also read .flt format data for setting a number of model parameters including, initial water level (Read GRID IWL == ), Soil Type (Read Grid Soil == ), roughness (Read Grid CnM == ), storage reduction factor (Read Grid SRF == ).


  1. Open the raster layer that you wish to convert.
  2. In the Arc Toolbox menu, select Conversion Tools >> From Raster >> Raster to Float
  3. Arc raster to flt1.jpg

  4. In the dialogue, select the desired input raster and set the output filename. Note, the extension should be .flt.
  5. Arc raster to flt2.jpg

  6. The DEM file is ready for reading into TUFLOW.


To convert between the .asc and .flt format the TUFLOW utility "asc_to_asc" can be used.

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