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This GIS layer contains information on the 1D nodes for the simulation.
The _1d_nwk_C_check file contains information on the 1D channels.

Attributes of nwk_N_check

Attribute Name Attribute Description
ID Node ID.
Type Node Type, the options are:
  • Node: A standard 1D node
  • MH: A manhole node
Ignore If the node is being ignored (the ignore attribute is set to true on the input 1d_nwk file).
Bed_Level The bed or lowest elevation at the node.
ANA Any additional nodal area that has been added at the node (value in square metres or square feet).
Conn_1D_2D The 1D/2D connection method (if used) otherwise set to "----"
Conn_Width The connection width of the 1D/2D connection, this is used for determining how many 2D cells to connect to.
R1 Not currently used.
R2 Not currently used.
R3 Not currently used.
i_1d_layer The index to the input layer that has created the manhole. For example an i_1d_nwk value of 4 would be the 4th input layer (1d_nwk_M08_pits_001) below.

Read GIS Network == mi\1d_nwk_M04_channels_001.MIF
Read GIS Network == mi\1d_nwk_M05_bridge_001.MIF
Read GIS Network == mi\1d_nwk_M07_trunk_998.MIF
Read GIS Network == mi\1d_nwk_M08_pits_001.MIF