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Contains a rectangle for each 2D domain showing the location, orientation and size of the domain based on commands located within the .tgc file. Within this domain, cells can be turned on or off, outside this domain no 2D calculations can be performed.
Certain model input must appear within the model domain. For example a boundary location must be within the model domain (if not a ERROR 2001 is generated).
The geometry elevation and material datasets can extent outside the model domain, and are simply ignored. Therefore, it is not necessary to trim a DEM to the model domain.

For a multiple domain model, there will be multiple rectangles - one for each 2D domain.


Attributes of dom_check

Attribute Name Attribute Description
Domain_Index The index of the model domain. This is the order with Start 2D Domain == <Domain Name> commands appears in the .tcf control file. For a single domain model this will be 1.
Domain_Name The name of the model domain, this is useful for multiple domain models. For single domain models this will be set to "Domain_001".