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Contains information on the cell sides (U and V points) that have a flow constriction object applied. This contains information on the processed elevations, blockages and form loss values applied at the cell side. Note that this only applies for the older 2d_fc_ layers "Read GIS FC == ". The newer Flow Constriction Shape (2d_fcsh) and Layered Flow Constriction Shapes (2d_lfcsh) have separate check files.

Attributes of _fc_check

Attribute Name Attribute Description
Type The flow constriction type as described in the TUFLOW manual.
Invert The ground level of the z point.
Obvert_or_BC_Height This attribute is dependent on the FC type:
  • For a blank flow or "BD" constriction type this is the structure obvert. Above this elevation there is no additional flow area.
  • For a "BC" constriction type this is the height of the box culvert.
  • For a "FD" constriction type this is the depth of the object.
u_width_factor The cell width factor applied in the U direction
v_width_factor The cell width factor applied in the V direction
Add_form_loss Additional Form Loss coefficient which is applied.
Mannings_n For "BC" type constrictions the Manning's n value. For "BD" and "FD" this is used to specify additional roughness as per the TUFLOW manual.
No_walls_or_neg_width Only used for "BC" type constrictions. Number of vertical walls per grid cell. If set to zero (between 0.001 and 0.001) one vertical wall per cell is used.

Alternatively, and more easily, specify the width of one culvert in metres by using a negative value. For example, if the culverts are 1.8m wide, enter a value of -1.8 and the number of vertical walls per cell is automatically calculated.

Blocked_sides Indicates whether any of the walls of the constricted cell(s) are blocked off (ie. no flow across/through the side wall). One or more of the following letters in any order with in the field to indicated which wall(s) are blocked:
  • R – block right hand side wall
  • L – block left hand side wall
  • T – block top side wall
  • B – block bottom side wall
Invert_2 Not Used
Obvert_2 Not Used
Comment Comment as specified on the input layer.