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Contains information on the cell sides (U and V points) that have a flow constriction shape object applied. This contains information on the processed elevations, blockages and form loss values applied at the cell side.

Attributes of fcsh_uvpt

Attribute Name Attribute Description
FC_Type The flow constriction type as described in the TUFLOW manual.
Z_Bed The ground level of the z point.
Obvert_or_BC_H_or_FD_Depth This attribute is dependent on the FC type:
  • For a blank flow or "BD" constriction type this is the structure obvert. Above this elevation there is no additional flow area.
  • For a "BC" constriction type this is the height of the box culvert.
  • For a "FD" constriction type this is the depth of the object.
pBlockage The percentage (%) blockage of below the deck level, above this the blockage is 100%.
FLC_below_Obvert The Form Loss Coefficient below the structure obvert.
FLC_above_Obvert The Form Loss Coefficient above the structure obvert.
BC_n_or_BD_n For the "BC" or "BD" type constrictions this is the n attribute.
BC_Width For a "BC" type this is the box culvert width.
Source This is the source GIS layer which contains the flow constriction shape.