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This file contains the breaklines and triangulation that have been used by TUFLOW in applying Z Shape layers.
The breaklines and triangulations are written for each Z shape, provided TUFLOW has not read the object directly from an XF file. If you cannot find the object you are checking in the 2d_sh_obj check layer, it is recommended to re-initalise the model with the XF Files == OFF command.
This file can be very useful if there is an issue in the way the Z shape has been applied, this file is written sequentially and the final object written can be used to find the culprit area.

Attributes of sh_obj

Attribute Name Attribute Description
Source The input Z shape (2d_zsh) or variable Z Shape (2d_vzsh) layer

For example if an ERROR 2232 has occurred, the suggested diagnoses is to import the sh_obj check file. This file is written sequentially and the last entry is the final abject TUFLOW was able to process. The final triangle is shown in red below:

Error 2232 01.jpg

This highlights that the issue is in the polygon in the 2d_zsh layer highlighted in green:
Error 2232 02.jpg

See ERROR 2232 for a more detailed discussion on this error.