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The _2d_zln_zpt.mif or _2d_zln_zpt_P.shp is only created if a "Read GIS Z Line ==" command has been specified in the model. This file contains information on the elevations points (zpts) that have been altered by the Read GIS Z Line commands.

NOTE That if using the "Read GIS Z Line MIN ==" or "Read GIS Z Line GULLY ==" points are not included in this check file. It is recommended that users migrate to the "Read GIS Z Shape ==" command. This includes the functionality of the Z line as well as a lot of additional functionality.

Attributes of _zln_zpt check file

Attribute Name Attribute Description
dz The amount by which the elevation has been changed by the Z Line. A positive value indicates that the elevation has been increased by the GIS layer and a negative value indicates that the elevation has been lowered. For example a value of 0.3 would indicate that elevation point has been raised by 0.3 (metres or feet if running in US Customary units.)
Elevation The elevation after the zpt has been modified.
Source The path to the GIS layer which has caused the elevation point to be modified.

Note: more than one Z Line layer can modify the same elevation point. For example if two breaklines are applied which intersect then the later occurrence in the geometry control file is given preference. In the _zln_zpt check file both modifications are reported. The final elevations are reported in the 2d_zpt check file.

For MapInfo users this layer has a symbology applied, into three styles:

  • A grey cross indicates that no change has occurred (for example a Z Shape with the option "Max" which is below the existing elevation)
  • A yellow triangle pointing down indicates that the zpt has been lowered
  • A pink triangle pointing up indicates that the zpt has been raised

These can be seen in the image below:
Check Files 2d zln zsh zpt 01.jpg