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This tabular .csv format check file contain information on the structure groups in the model. Two version of this check file are written:

  • _Str_Grp_All.csv - All structure groups, including those made up of only a single structure.
  • _Str_Grp_Multi.csv - Contains information for structure groups that are comprised of more than one 1D channel or are generated from a 2d_po “QS” line.

Both files contain the same information for each structure group.

Attributes of _str_grp check file:

Attribute Name Attribute Description
Name The name of the structure group as it appears in the output files.
Primary Channel The name of the primary channel in the structure group.
Below The number of channels below.
Channels Below A list of the channels below.
Above The number of channels above.
Channels Above A list of the channels above.

An example of a structure group check file is below

Check Files Str Grp 001.png