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The following supplementary check files are written for models that contain links to an external 1D scheme when using the .tcf command Write X1D Check Files == ON. The command Write Check Files must also be specified and not set to NONE.

  • _2D_Q_to_x1D.csv
  • _x1D_H_to_2D.csv
  • _2D_Q_from_x1D.csv
  • _x1D_H_from_2D.csv

These contain the water levels sent to the 2D domain and the flows returned from the 2D to/from an external 1D scheme such as Flood Modeller or XP-SWMM. Results are outputted at every 1D timestep for the duration of the modelled event.

The following check files may also be of use for models that use external 1D domains:

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