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A TUFLOW simulation can be paused manually by clicking on the DOS window with the curser (if the DOS Quick Edit Mode is enabled in Windows 10) or alternatively by using the Ctrl+S shortcut key.
Please test the following two options if your simulation is paused.

Pause Shortcut Key

Ctrl+S is a shortcut key to pause a simulation and freeze the Console Window display. Repeat Ctrl+S to restart the simulation.

Windows 10 Quick Edit Mode

Windows 10 includes a Quick Edit mode option in the DOS window that can artificially pause TUFLOW simulations. The Quick edit mode is initiated if the curser clicks somewhere on the DOS window while a TUFLOW simulation is running. Quick Edit mode can be deactivated to avoid this issue.

  1. Right click the DOS window header. Select Properties.
    Nvidia-smi 005.png
  2. Uncheck Quick Edit Mode. This will turn it off for the current session.
    Nvidia-smi 006.png
  3. Update the default DOS window properties so this becomes the default mode. Right click the DOS window header. Select Defaults.
    Nvidia-smi 007.png
  4. Uncheck Quick Edit Mode, just like in the "Properties" dialog box . This will turn Quick Edit Mode off for all future sessions.