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Create a clip line in the location where you would like to extract results.

  • Select the clip line icon

Ensight 016.JPG

  • Relocate the clip line. Selecting the center of the clip line is used to shift its location. Selecting the start or end of the line can be used to alter the line extent. Various right click options are also available that can be used for controlling the location and length of the line.

Ensight 032.png

  • Select the parent Part 2D TUFLOW Elements
  • Right Click >> Create >> Clips
  • Name the Clip, for example Point_reporting_Location_001.
  • Select Tool = XYZ
  • Select Mesh Slice = Z
  • Select Value = MID-RANGE

Ensight 026.png

  • Deselect the clip line tool.

Ensight 020.JPG

  • The clip should now remain within the view window and also show in the list of Parts

Ensight 027.png

Variables need to be associated with the clip:

  • Select the clip part (left click the Part)
  • Select query Ensight 023.JPG
  • Select Sample = At XYZ over time
  • Select the desired variable. For example Depth or Water_Level
  • Select Auto plot queries to include the graph dataset within an existing plot window. Deselect Auto plot queries to display the graph as an independent dataset.

Ensight 028.png

  • This dataset will be added to the Plots/Queries window, and also to the display window as a graph. Double click the graph in the display window to update the graph display options (colors, labels, titles etc.).

Ensight 029.png

  • Plot data can be managed from the Plot/Queries window. For example, new plots can be added by right clicking the query dataset: Right Click >> Add to new plot

Ensight 030.png

  • Graphs can either be displayed or turned off, via selecting or deselecting the Show checkbox within the Plots/Queries window.

Ensight 031.png

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