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The Channel ID integrity tool, checks the ID of each channel link in the TUFLOW 1D network and flags channels that have duplicate names or a NULL / empty ID. The tool also has a processing option to automatically correct these instances.

  1. Ensure that 1d_nwk_MI01_Pipes_001_L_EG1 is referenced in the 1D network Line Layers and select the Channel ID tab.
  2. Select the option to ‘Flag non-compliant channels IDs’ and select Run.
    Channel ID Check.png
    The tool will create a new point layer called ‘Output’ which will highlight two locations, one with a duplicated node ID and the other with a null node ID.
    Channel ID Error.png
  3. Return to the Channel ID tool, and deselect the option to ‘Flag non-compliant channel IDs’ and select the option to ‘Fix non-compliant channel IDs’.
  4. For duplicated node ids we will use the option to ‘Append number to duplicate IDs using delimiter (default delimiter is _ e.g. pipe1_1, pipe1_2 etc):’
  5. For null or empty IDs, set an option for Type ‘C’ and Prefix ‘Pipe’. The resulting dialogue should look like the below:
    Channel ID options.png
  6. Click Run to fix the non-compliant channel IDs. Again, choose the option to update the Input Network Lines to the new layer.
  7. Run the Channel ID integrity tool on the resulting 1d_nwk_MI01_Pipes_001_L_EG1_ID1 to confirm that all names have been corrected. If successful, you should get the message that ‘All channel IDs were compliant’.
  8. Check the IDs within the attribute table for the 1d_nwk_MI01_Pipes_001_L_EG1_ID1 layer.

Please return to the 1D Integrity tutorial page to continue the tutorial.