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The MI hotlinking function can be used to link a external file to objects in a MI table. For example, this is very useful for checking which cross sections are being used for a particular section of channel or to link images of structures or locations. Once a table is hotlinked the user can click on an object and the external file will be opened.


Highlight the desired table in the layer control window, then select the 'hotlinks options' button at the top of the window as shown below.

Hotlink 1.png

This will open the dialogue box as shown below. In the example shown hotlinks have been added to a 1d_tab cross section table. 'Filename Expression' is the location of the file and can be set to one of the attribute columns or can be an expression. In this case the 'Source' attribute of the 1d_tab table has been used and relative path has been selected. 'Activation Mode' refers to whether the user needs to click on the object or the label (or both) to access the linked file. 'Alias Expression' is what will appear when the user hovers the mouse cursor over a particular object.

Hotlink 2.png