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When running TUFLOW, version control and naming conventions are important. These help with quality control and also when you are looking back at an old model or taking over from someone else's model. It is recommended For any modified files the version. See this description on the recommended TUFLOW Naming Convention. To save a GIS layer with the same version number as the TUFLOW simulation

With miTools

There is a miTools utility to assist with this process as it is a regular part of TUFLOW modelling. To do this, select an object from the table that you wish to increment and select the Increment Selected Layer button from the miTools toolbar (shown below.) This utility performs the following steps:

  • Prompts for the name of the new table (if the last digits of the table are a number, e.g. 001, it will default to 002);
  • Save a copy of the table with this name;
  • Close the existing version;
  • Open the new table;
  • Add the table to the current Map Window Layer Control as the top layer; and
  • Make this layer editable.
Increment Selected Layer (highlighted in purple)

Without miTools

Use the File >> Save Copy As... dialogue and select the table that you wish to increment. When prompted enter the desired file name and select Save. For example 2d_code_WG_001 would be saved as 2d_code_WG_004 if it was updated for input into model run 004.
It is recommended that you close the previous version of the file to avoid accidentally modifying the previous version. This can be done with the File >> Close Table interface.
The new file is not automatically Opened in MapInfo, this can be done using the File >> Open process, or using File >> Recent Files, the newly saved table should be at the top of the list.

Add this table to the Layer Control of the desired Map Window and make the table Editable.

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