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TUFLOW Wiki Homepage

This Wiki contains information relating to the flood and coastal simulation software TUFLOW Classic and TUFLOW HPC (Heavily Parallelised Compute). It is designed to be used in conjunction with the TUFLOW Manual, Forum and Website

TUFLOW Set-up and use

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TUFLOW Benchmarks

Best Practice Guidance

Tutorial Models (TUFLOW Classic and HPC)

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TUFLOW Troubleshooting

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Error/Warning Message Database


Recent Wiki Updates / New Content (click image to view)

Tips and Tricks

Text Editor/Spreadsheet Software

GIS Software

Model Conversions


Demo/Example Models

Example Models
The example models are a set of 80 standalone
models that demonstrate some of the most widely
used features of TUFLOW. They are separated
into the following categories:

Floodplain Management Association Challenge Models
The following models were created as part of the Floodplain Management Association 2012 Annual Conference 2-D Modelling Challenge:

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