Model Changes Not Seen

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When reviewing the check files, the check file does not exist, or the changes described in the tutorial model aren't in the check files.


There could be a number of reasons this occurs, check the following:

  • The correct .tcf file was started;
  • The .tcf has been updated to point to the new geometry (.tgc) / boundary (.tbc) files;
  • Check files are being written (Write Check Files == command occurs in the .tcf / .ecf);

Another good check is to import the messages layer, and view the TUFLOW log file (.tlf) for any checks or warnings. It is often useful to search the .tlf for an input file name, for example, if breakline changes are not seen, search the .tlf to ensure the input file e.g. "2d_zsh_M03_thalweg" is being read in.