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To enable the colour coding (syntax highlighting) in Notepad++:

  • Downloaded the Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting File from the TUFLOW website
  • Save the file to a location on your computer
  • Select the User Defined Dialogue (lightning symbol, circled in red below) from the menu toolbars.
NotepadPlusPlus UserDefinedDialogue.png
  • In the dialogue, select Import
  • Navigate to and select the Notepad++ syntax highlighting xml file you saved.
  • Close any open TUFLOW control files (.tcf, .tgc, .tbc, .tmf, .ecf).
  • Restart Notepad++.
  • Open a TUFLOW control files (.tcf, .tgc, .tbc, .tmf, .ecf). The syntax colouring should now be associated with TUFLOW files.

Note: When updating the syntax highlighting file with a newer version, remember to first remove the existing "TUFLOW" language definition.

  • Select "TUFLOW" for the user language options
  • Select "Remove"
Notepad Update.JPG
  • Follow the above listed steps to install the new syntax highlighting file

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