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Notepad++ (also called Notepad Plus Plus) is a free editor which can be downloaded from []. It has some functionality that makes it preferable as a editor for creating TUFLOW control files. This functionality includes:

  • Colour coding of TUFLOW files (syntax highlighting). Thanks to Edenvale Young putting together the syntax highlighting file.
  • Ability to start a TUFLOW simulation using the currently open files as the .tcf input.
  • Ability to highlight a filename and open the file directly. For example a geometry control file (.tgc) can be opened directly from the TUFLOW control file (.tcf) without having to locate it in a explorer style menu.


A video tutorial on how to set up these features is presented here: [TUFLOW YouTube channel]

Useful Plugins

The following plugins can be useful when using Notepad++ (not just for TUFLOW modelling)! Please feel free to add any suggestions either via the discussion page, or via email to