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The TUFLOW End User Licence Agreement was updated in 2018 allowing companies to host their own licences on the cloud. The only restrictions associated with users running TUFLOW simulations on their own company public or private cloud environment are:

  1. The licence must be a “Network” type (use of “Local” licences is not permitted on the cloud).
  2. Usage of TUFLOW software on a virtual machine is confined to Authorised Users within the Licensee's Network. This clause means companies cannot on-sell access to TUFLOW licences hosted in the cloud or otherwise (excluding TUFLOW vendor contract arrangements).

Configuration of your cloud environment is your own responsibility. There are numerous ways TUFLOW licensing and simulation can be configured in a cloud environment depending on the cloud provider (Microsoft, Google, Amazon, other etc.) and internal company protocols. We recommend engaging a professional with suitable cloud architecture expertise to design your bespoke system. Clients who have already migrated to the cloud have done so in a variety ways:

  • Some use a hardware lock (USB) dongle that resides in their office on a physical computer or server. Cloud virtual machines link to the network licence via the IP address of the hardware lock.
  • Others use a software lock. Software locks are a digital licence file that is locked to a dedicated host computer, server or virtual machine. When using a software lock please select the host carefully as the software licence will be bound to it. Relocating the licence to a new location will require TUFLOW sales staff to reissue the licence, which incurs a small administration fee.
Please Note: Network licence rentals can be used to upscale the available licences on your cloud system when demand requires it. 
Refer to the TUFLOW Pricelist for more information.

This detailed report from the TUFLOW Library discusses some benefits, challenges and solutions relating to cloud computing to help people who are setting up their own system: 2020 Vision – Running TUFLOW in the Cloud (Whitepaper)
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