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With the release of Windows 7, the ability to change the right click functionality got more difficult. This can be done by editing the Windows Registry (and can be considered for advanced Windows users), the method is outlined on the TUFLOW forums here.

FileMenu Tools Method

The following method is much much easier, but involves a free utility called FileMenu Tools the is available for download at This tool can also be configured for post-processing of TUFLOW output files.
Note A word of caution, be careful with the installation dialogues as this may try to install additional software.

Configuring FileMenu Tools

To use this program to run TUFLOW from a right click window, follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install FileMenu Tools using the link provided above
  2. Open the Configure FileMenu Tools interface (this can be accessed from the Windows Start Menu)
  3. Under Actions select Add Command
  4. Highlight the newly created item and select Properties from the toolbar
  5. Enter the desired menu text under Menu Text, I have used 'Run TUFLOW 2010-10-iSP-w64 (this tells me I am starting the Single Precision (iSP), 64 bit (w64) version of the 2010-10 release of TUFLOW
  6. Enter a Description
  7. Under Element Types, set Files to Yes
  8. Under Element Types, set Extensions to tcf (the Run TUFLOW option will only be available for .tcf files)
  9. Under Element Types, set both Folders and Drives to No
  10. Under Program Properties set the Program to the full path to the TUFLOW executable on your system. For my machine this is: C:\TUFLOW\Releases\2010-10\w64\TUFLOW_iSP_w64.exe
  11. Under Program Properties set the Arguments field to %FILENAMES%
  12. Select Apply and exit the configuration.

The completed FileMenu Tools configuration page is shown in the image below.

File Menu Tool Configuration Page

Running TUFLOW

The FileMenu Tool should now be configured. To run TUFLOW navigate to a TUFLOW Control File (.tcf) and right click on the file. In the menu dialogue that appears, select FileMenu Tools >> Run TUFLOW. This is shown in the image below.

Running TUFLOW using FileMenu Tools


TUFLOW has been configured to run by right clicking on a TUFLOW control file using FileMenu Tools.