TUFLOW ArcGIS Toolbox and Toolbar Installation

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ArcTUFLOW Toolbox

Download the ArcGIS TUFLOW Toolbox from the TUFLOW website: http://www.tuflow.com/Tuflow%20Utilities.aspx

To use the ArcTUFLOW Toolbox you will first need to load the tool to the ArcToolbox. Open ArcMap and in the toolbox window pane, right click and select “add toolbox”.

ArcGIS Utility 001a.jpg ArcGIS Utility 001b.jpg

Navigate to the ArcTUFLOW directory, select ArcTUFLOW.tbx and then choose open (note you can’t double click on this).
ArcGIS Utility 002.jpg

This should add the toolbox as per the image below.
ArcGIS Utility 003.jpg

Alternatively, the toolbox can be accessed via ArcCatalog. Open the ArcCatalog window pane and navigate to the location of ArcTUFLOW Toolbox (this may require you to 'connect folder' in order to navigate to the correct location).

Save an mxd file titled TUFLOW.mxd. Open the mxd file each time you wish to start a TUFLOW modelling project. It will load the TUFLOW Toolbox automatically, avoiding the need to reinstall each time you open ArcGIS.

ArcTUFLOW Toolbar

Download the ArcGIS TUFLOW Toolbar from the TUFLOW website: http://www.tuflow.com/Tuflow%20Utilities.aspx

There are two methods that can be used to install the *.esriaddin:

  1. Method 1:
    • Double click the *.esriaddin and an installation dialog will open
      Esriaddin installation.PNG
    • The dialog displays information on the *.esriaddin, including the version number
    • Click Install Add-In
    • If installed successfully, a dialog should appear
      Esriaddin installation successful.PNG
  2. Method 2:
    • Save the *.esriaddin to a folder location of your choice
    • In ArcMap in the Customise menu select Add-In Manager
      Customise addin manager.PNG
    • At the top of the dialog window, select Options tab
    • Select Add Folder and point to the folder location of the *.esriaddin
      Addin Manager Options.png

Checking installation

The installation can be checked:

  • In ArcMap in the Customise menu select Add-In Manager
    Customise addin manager.PNG
  • In the Add-Ins tab there should be the new ArcTUFLOW Toolbar Addin
    Addin Manager add-ins.png

Opening ArcTUFLOW Toolbar

The ArcTUFLOW Toolbar can now be opened via:

  • In ArcMap select Customise >> Toolbars
  • There should now be a ArcTUFLOW Toolbar option available
    Customise toolbars.PNG