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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 0004 - Could not access save date of "filename" to check with "filename.tab"

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When working with MapInfo files, by default TUFLOW checks the save date of the MapInfo export files (.mif or .mid) which TUFLOW reads, and the MapInfo propriety format that TUFLOW is unable to read. This is useful as it prevents an older version of the file from being read, i.e. it prevents you from modifying a file in MapInfo and forgetting to export it. However, if the corresponding MapInfo .tab file does not exist the error is reported.

This check can be suppressed by including the following command in the .tcf:
Check MI Save Date == OFF
This is often encountered if a model has been copied, without the MapInfo files. Another option is to import the .mif / .mid files into MapInfo and then immediately re-export them, importing the files ensure that MapInfo .tab file exists, re-exporting ensures the .mif file has a later save date than the .tab file.


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