TUFLOW Message 0020

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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 0020 - Event/Scenario name already specified for -e/-s option.

Alternate Message

Message Type

This ERROR occurs when the -e or -s option occurs for the same ID.

For example, if "-s1 exg -s1 OpA -s2 OpB" is specified when running TUFLOW, s1 has occurred twice, and therefore the intent is unclear.

Note: -s and -s1 are treated as being the same, therefore this message will occur if -s and -s1 are specified. Similarly for -e and -e1. If multiple scenarios or events are to be simulated -e1 <event1> -e2 <event2> or -s1 <scenario1> -s2 <scenario2> can be used. Up to 9 events and scenarios can be specified for a single simulation (although this would be vary rare!)

Check and correct the repeat occurrences of the -e or -s option(s).


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