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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 0030 - Cannot use "BC Event Source" and "BC Event Text" together.

Alternate Message

Message Type

These two commands cannot be used together. Event text definitions can only be defined using one of these commands. BC Event Source == became available with the 2010-10 release and allows multiple event texts to be specified for assigning different event names to different boundaries, and is much more powerful than BC Event Text == which only allows one event text at any one time within the model. Also see Message 0031.

This message occurs when BC Event Source occurs after a BC Event Text. Message 0034 occurs when BC Event Text occurs after a BC Event Source.

Rework the commands so that only one of the above commands exists. Note, there is no limit to the number of times either of these commands is specified in a model, they just can't both exist in the same model.


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