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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 0115 - First column values not in ascending order. Incorrect values are:

Alternate Message
ERROR 0115 - Time data not in ascending order

Message Type

Data in first column, should be unique and in ascending order. For example an XZ (offset - elevation) table, the X data (offset) should be unique and in ascending order.

Check data, remove duplicate values and sort by first column.
This error can occur when using rainfall control file (.trfc) and having more than 1000 hyetograph entries in the BC database. As 1000 entries is a default limit, TUFLOW will read the correct vallue in the "Time" column in the row 1000, but it will read 0 in the row 1001 ignoring the original value. Command Maximum Hyetograph Points == <max_pts> can be used to increase the default limit.


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