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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 0252 – <file format> is not a supported GIS file format.

Alternate Message

Message Type

The file format specified is not a recognised file format. For example:
ERROR 0252 – .ecw is not a supported GIS file format.
For the majority of vector inputs (points, line and polygons) the supported GIS formats are shapefile (.shp) and MapInfo (.mif).

If reading in .xf4 or .xf8 files using the command Read RowCol Zpts the 2013-12-AC version or newer is required. Note that .xf4 must be run using TUFLOW single precision (iSP) and .xf8 must be run using TUFLOW double precision (iDP). It is not possible to mix these (i.e. to read an .xf4 single precision file into a double precision model).

Check the GIS format is valid and has the correct file extension.


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