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TUFLOW Message
WARNING 0307 - No MI Projection or mif header file ",a," found. Non-Earth Coordinates will be used.

Alternate Message
WARNING 0307 - No GIS Projection specified. No output .prj file will be created.

Message Type

The geographic projection for GIS input and output data in MID/MIF format has not been defined using the command MI Projection == . When this command is omitted, TUFLOW searches for a file 'Header.mif' in each folder it opens a MID/MIF GIS file and extracts the projection from this file. If no 'Header.mif' file is found, non-earth coordinates are assumed.

Create a projection file by following the instructions outlined on this Wiki page.The created layer then needs to be referenced using the following .tcf command:

MI Projection == ..\model\mi\Model_Projection.mif

Alternatively, a projection line may be extracted from a MIF file by following these steps:

  1. In a GIS, create or open a layer in the Cartesian projection to be used for the model.
  2. Export the layer in MIF/MID format.
  3. Open the .mif file in a text editor, copy the whole line starting with “CoordSys” (usually the 4th or 5th line).
  4. Paste the text after the command paste after MI Projection == in the .tcf file.

MI Projection == CoordSys Earth Projection 8, 13, "m", 153, 0, 0.9996, 500000, 10000000 Bounds (-7745874.38492, 1999.40969607) (8745874.38492, 19998000.5903)

If a model has a mixture of .mif and .shp files as input, then both the tcf commands MI Projection == and SHP Projection == should be specified.


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