TUFLOW Message 0310

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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 0310 - Exceeded number of allowable nodes in a single polyline or region.

Alternate Message

Message Type

The number of points or vertices in a single polyline or polygon objects exceeds the value allowable in a TUFLOW. By default this is 500,000 points and 100,000 vertices.

The values can be increased (or decreased) using the .tcf commands:
Maximum Points == <number of points>
Maximum Vertices == <number of vertices>
For example Maximum Vertices == 500000 will allow up to 500,000 vertices on a single polyline / polygon. Increasing this number will increase the RAM requirements, reducing this reduces RAM requirements. This can also occur if individual objects are combined in MapInfo. Joined objects can be separated using the Objects >> Disaggregate... dialogue in MapInfo.


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