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TUFLOW Message
WARNING 0318 - Insufficient points for Region object in mif file. Region ignored.

Alternate Message

Message Type

A polygon of zero area exists. For example, the following lines in the .mif file indicates a polygon that is linear. The polygon has only three vertices and as the first and last vertices are always the same (in order to close the polygon) the polygon is therefore linear (zero area).

Region  1
355252.72 183143.42
355253.25 183140.56
355252.72 183143.42

Review and modify or delete any zero area polygons.
In order to select the polygons with zero area the simplest method to do this is using the select function in MapInfo. The query would look somethink like the below:

Area(obj, "sq m")=0

The query above will select any zero area polygons, however, if there are any points or lines in the same MapInfo table these will also be selected. To select just the region objects with zero area (and ignore points or lines), the following query should work:

Area(obj, "sq km")=0 And Perimeter(obj, "km")>0


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