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TUFLOW Message
CHECK 0935 - Licence lost. Count = ",a,". Pausing for ",a," seconds.

Alternate Message

Message Type

Access to the licence has been lost.

As a background to the licencing, TUFLOW checks for a licence on model initialisation, and then periodically checks at a certain time interval, as well as at the end of the simulation. The CodeMeter licencing system used by TUFLOW will release any licences that are not in use after a period of time. This prevents the licence from being tied up forever by a force closed simulation (either closed through task manager or by clicking the red x at the top of the window).
This message indicates either TUFLOW could not find any licence during a periodic check, or the licence has been already released between two periodic checks.

Fix connectivity issues:

  • TUFLOW may lose licences during a network failure or a licence server shutdown. Please make sure a modelling machine has stable network access to the licence server.
  • Some USB ports can lose power during a sleep mode and this can disconnect the licence dongle. Try plugging the licence dongle into a different USB port (preferably one of the USB ports on the back of the computer) as these should be much less likely to lose power / connectivity.
  • Update your CodeMeter RunTime Kit, download available here: http://www.codemeter.de/us/service/downloads.html.

Infrequent licence checks:
If you have checked all the connectivity issues and the problem still persists, this could be caused by licence being checked too infrequently. Prior to built 2018-03-AA the licence could get lost for HPC/GPU runs when the map output was very infrequent. This could cause TUFLOW to drop the licence and attempt to re-take the licence after a long period. A bug fix has been introduced for this in the 2018-03-AA build and later. But rarely, the licence can still get lost if the map output is infrequent, plus the model does not have ANY 1D or hidden 1D structures (e.g. a QT boundary). As a workaround:

  • Include more frequent map output, possibly within an small dummy output zone to avoid large outputs.
  • Include a dummy 1D channel to invoke the more frequent licence checks.

Please contact support@tuflow.com if the issue persists.


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