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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 1025 - Number of bridge channels and BG tables not the same.

Alternate Message
ERROR 1025 - Number of culvert channels and CV details not the same.
ERROR 1025 - Number of variable geometry channels and VG tables not the same.
ERROR 1025 - Number of weir channels and WR details not the same.

Message Type

Bridge structures are modelled using a height varying form loss coefficient rather than fixed contraction and expansion losses. A table (referred to as a BG Table) of backwater or form loss coefficient versus height is required for each bridge channel. BG Tables can be entered using .csv files via a 1d_tab (often renamed as 1d_bg) layer (see Section 4.6.3 of the 2010 TUFLOW manual).
Where the loss coefficient is constant through to the bridge deck (eg. no losses such as a clear spanning bridge, or pier losses only), the BG table can automatically be created by specifying a positive non-zero value for the Form_or_Bend_Loss attribute in the 1d_nwk layer (see Table 4.14 of the 2010 TUFLOW manual). Also note the use of this attribute in applying additional losses to a BG table.
As of 2010 TUFLOW build, fixed field format inputs are no longer supported. Prior to build 2010, these losses could be applied in fixed field format.

Ensure that each bridge channel has a BG table specified either via a 1d_tab layer, or via a fixed coefficient in the 1d_nwk layer. Check that fixed field losses are not being used, as these may be ignored in later versions of TUFLOW.


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