TUFLOW Message 1037

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TUFLOW Message
CHECK 1037 - Channel <channel ID> interpolated from XS <cross-section 1> (<weighting for cross-section 1> as %) and XS <cross-section 2> (<weighting for cross-section 2> as %).

Alternate Message

Message Type

A channel cross-section has not been specified, cross-sectional properties interpolated from upstream and downstream cross-sections listed. Weighting for interpolation are listed.

Cross section interpolation can be globally turned off, forcing each channel to have a cross-section specified. This is done with the .ecf command: Interpolate Cross-Sections == OFF.

Check if interpolatted cross-section is desired in this location.

Interpolated cross-section properties can be found in <runfile_1d_ta_tables_check.csv> which is written with the 1D check files location as specified with the .ecf command Write Check Files == <location>


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