TUFLOW Message 1057

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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 1057 - Invalid flag(s) specified. Flags: ",a,

Alternate Message

Message Type

The flag specified for a XZ, CS or HW table is invalid.

Ensure the specified flag in the 1d_tab layer is permitted.

Permitted flags for XZ Tables are:

  • R, M or N (relative resistance)
  • E or T (effective or total area)
  • P (Position value of left bank, right bank, and mainstream)
  • A (addition value to raise or lower the Z value)

Permitted flags for CS or HW Tables are:

  • A (flow area)
  • P (wetted perimeter)
  • F or N (vertical change in resistance)
  • E (effective flow width)

Refer to Table 4.17 of the 2010 Manual for further information.

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