TUFLOW Message 1099

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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 1099 - Object below ignored. Only Points used.

Alternate Message
WARNING 1099 - Object in line below ignored. Only Points used.

Message Type

The GIS object has been ignored. At this stage in the processing, only point objects are required and a non point GIS object (e.g. line or polygon) has been found. For the 2016 release of TUFLOW this can be set to either a Warning or Error using the command:
GIS Supported Object Ignored == ERROR
or GIS Supported Object Ignored == WARNING
The default approach is for a Warning to be output.

Ensure that the data in the specified is correct. For example if reading water level line point data "Read GIS WLLp == <file>" then only points and not lines or regions are expected.
See also the following commands in the TUFLOW manual for more detail on the options for handling unsupported or ignored GIS data.
GIS Supported Object Ignored ==
GIS Unsupported Object ==


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