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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 1208 - Reading node network data. Check 1d_nwk layer has correct attributes.

Alternate Message

Message Type

An error has occurred whilst reading 1d network data (1d_nwk). Check that the attributes of the layer match those in the Table 4.14 (1D Model Network (1d_nwk) Attribute Descriptions) of the TUFLOW manual (2010 version). An empty 1d_nwk file is written with the Write Empty GIS Files == tcf command.

Ensure the layer has the correct attributes and ensure that the Read GIS Network == is only for used for network data and not other 1D GIS data. Other data types have use a specific GIS command. For example:

  • 1d boundary (Read GIS BC == )
  • Tabular data links such as cross-sections or nodal area tables (Read GIS Table Links == )
  • Manholes (Read GIS Manhole == )
  • Initial Water level (Read GIS IWL == )
  • Water level lines (Read GIS WLL == )
  • WLL points (Read GIS WLL Points == )


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