TUFLOW Message 1331

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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 1331 - Unrecognised flag for channel

Alternate Message

Message Type

Flag for channel is unrecognised or invalid for channel type. Vaild flags are:
A - Adjust Stucture Losses
D - Downstream Controlled
F - Fix Sturucture Losses
N - Non-inertial Channel
U - Uni-direction
V - Variable Geometry
W - Weir over the top
Flags can be added after channel type, for example to set a culvert as uni-directional (such a a tide gated culvert) a "CU" type channel is assigned.
For a detailed description of channel flags see Table 4.13 1D Channel and Node Types of the TUFLOW manual (2010 version).

Remove invalid flags / specify correct flag.


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