TUFLOW Message 1353

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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 1353 - No NA data for Node <Node ID>

Alternate Message
ERROR 1353 - No CS data for Chan <Chan ID>

Message Type

If the message is "No NA data for Node" TUFLOW has encountered a 1D Node with no storage allocation. This typically occurs if the 'UCS' (use channel storage) attribute in a 1D network layer is set to 'F' (false).
If the message is "No CS data for Chan" no cross-sectional information has been provided for channel.
This error can also occur if you have a pit or node object, which is not correctly snapped to a channel.

Set the 'UCS' attribute to 'T' in the 1D network layer or manually assign storage via a "NA" table. For missing CS data, ensure that a cross-section has been correctly specified.
If this error occurs at a node or pit location, ensure that this is correctly snapped to a channel.

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