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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 1701 - 1D timestep not specified for GPU solver.
If using virtual pipes, please include "Virtual Pipe == ON" in the .tcf file.

Alternate Message

Message Type

A TUFLOW GPU model with linked 1D, has been detected, but no 1D timestep has been specified. Support for linked 1D models in TUFLOW GPU is under development. For TUFLOW build 2016-03-AB onward, TUFLOW has the ability to read an ESTRY control file, but the virtual pipe feature is the only 1D functionality that is currently supported. All of the following, can enable 1D in a TUFLOW GPU model:

  • Virtual Pipes
  • Boundary using hidden 1D node, such as "QT" type boundary.
  • 1D commands or ESTRY control file specified in the .tcf. For example in the .tcf, both of the following code blocks turn on 1D.
Start 1D Domain
Output Folder == ..\results\1d\
End 1D Domain


1D Output Folder == ..\results\1d\

If the model has virtual pipes, please include "Virtual Pipe == ON" in the .tcf to enable this feature.
Check that all 2D boundaries are compatible with the GPU solver (please refer to the TUFLOW manual for documentation).
Remove any 1D control file references or 1D commands from the control file.
Please email support@tuflow.com and attach the .tlf if you require assistance with this message.


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