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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2001 - GIS Object is outside 2D model domain

Alternate Message
WARNING 2001 - ",a," "object" at ",a,",",a," is outside 2D model domain

Message Type

An object is located outside the 2D domain that it is assigned to. The Check Inside Grid == command controls whether this message is an ERROR, WARNING or not given.

Ensure the 2D model domain has sufficient extent or remove object from input files. The messages layer contains the location of the object outside the model domain in GIS format (.mif or .shp).

The TUFLOW domain is written in the check files ( _dom_check.mif or _dom_check_R.shp). The domain extent can also be written by including the Write GIS Domain == <filename> command in the geometry control file. For example:
Read GIS Location == gis\2d_loc_L.shp
Grid Size (X,Y) == 1000,1000
Write GIS Domain == ..\check\2d_dom_check.shp

The _messages.mif or _messages_P.shp layer in the log folder contains the locations of the offending boundary objects. Review the _dom_check file and the messages layer to ensure that all 2d_bc objects are within the model domain. Check also that the projection of the boundary layer is the same as the TUFLOW model projection.


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