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|prelink=[[TUFLOW_Message_2009|Message 2009]]
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|uplink=[[2xxx_TUFLOW_Messages|2xxx Messages]]
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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2010 - Material ID must be greater than 0 or less than 32767.

Alternate Message

Message Type

2D cell has been assigned a material ID (integer) of less than one (1) or greater than 32,767. Material IDs must be within this range. The most common reason for this is using a material value hasn't been specified, in this case the MapInfo default integer of zero (0) is applied.

Specify a valid material ID.

Values that occur when no material ID has been specified, can be selected in MapInfo using Query >> Select
Select from: Desired 2d_mat table
That Satisfy : Material = 0
This should select any 0 or unspecified material IDs.


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