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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2011 - Using Mat command when no materials file has been specified.

Alternate Message

Message Type

A .tgc materials command such as "Set Mat ==", "Read GIS Mat ==", "Read RowCol Mat ==" or "Read RowCol Grid ==" has been specified, but "Read Materials File ==" in the .tcf file has not been specified. A materials file must be specified if .tgc Mat commands are used.

This ERROR was introduced in Build 2010-10-AC. Prior to Build 2010-10-AC, if no materials file was specified a default Manning's n value of 0.05 is used. The 2d_uvpt_check layer can be used to validate the Manning's n values assigned to the model after all inputs.

Check that your .tcf (not .tgc) file contains a "Read Materials File == " command.


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