TUFLOW Message 3010

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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 3010: minimum permissible dt must be <= initial timestep.

Alternate Message
ERROR 3010: Timestep must be >= 'a'
ERROR 3010: Timestep must be >= 0.000001 s

Message Type

The initial timestep for the HPC Solver must be greater than the minimum permissible timestep.

The minimum permissible target timestep allowed for the HPC Solver is set with the 'Timestep Minimum' TCF command, where the default is the minimum of 0.1 seconds or the cell size divided by 200 m/s. This value must be less than the initial timestep value specified for the HPC Solver with the 'Timestep' or 'Timestep Intitial' TCF commands. The timestep can also not be less than 0.000001s.


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