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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 3022: Number of Boundary Level Graphs exceeded. Maximum is 253.

Alternate Message

Message Type

TUFLOW HPC has a limit of 253 unique HT boundaries.


  • Check total number of HT boundaries in the 2d_bc layer is more than 253.
  • Check number of HT boundaries read in the model by searching for "nht" in the .tlf file. If the number is higher than the number of HT boundaries in the 2d_bc layer then check if attributes "td", "a" and/or "b" have any (non-zero) values specified. These attributes adjust the boundary values incrementally along each cell of the HT boundary, thereby creating a unique boundary time-series for each cell and can significantly increase the number of unique boundaries. The use of "td", "a" and "b" to incrementally adjust HT boundary values was used in the past to vary the water levels along a boundary, for example, a tidal boundary where the tidal range and timing varies. The recommended approach today to vary water levels along a boundary is to snap 1d_bc HT (or HS) boundary points to a HX line - please contact support@tuflow.com if you need assistance in doing this.


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