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For each TUFLOW log file message, there is a separate wiki page (e.g. Message 0123) that contains a description of the message, why it occurs and suggestions on how to address the message.

Users can navigate to a message of interest by finding it on the index pages below or by searching the wiki database, users can also step through each message using the navigation buttons at the end of each of the message pages.

The database in not yet complete, however, we feel that it is a useful resource for TUFLOW users, if you find a message that you require assistance with that has not been completed, please ask for clarification in the discussion page for the message, or email support@tuflow.com.

The messages are divided into 4 categories:
0xxx Messages
See 0xxx TUFLOW Messages
These messages occur are not specific to either the 1D or 2D model.

1xxx Messages
See 1xxx TUFLOW Messages
These messages are specific to the 1D model domain.

2xxx Messages
See 2xxx TUFLOW Messages
These messages are specific to the 2D model domain.

9xxx Messages
Reserved for future use.