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This page provides links to a series of webinars relevant to TUFLOW modelling.

Demonstrations are provided for models using TUFLOW's native GIS format and also the XP2D graphical user interface. TUFLOW is the 2D engine for XP2D, and as such the principles discussed in either webinar set are transferable across both development platforms.

TUFLOW Video Tutorial Model

The TUFLOW video tutorial steps through Tutorial Module 1 from the Wiki.
The links and downloads pack referred to in the video tutorial are located on the Tutorial Model Introduction page

Part 1: Model Setup

Webinar Link: Tutorial Module 1 - Part 1

  • How to set up a basic TUFLOW model.
  • Basic elevation data inputs
  • Basic land use data inputs

Part 2: Model Simulation

Webinar Link: Tutorial Module 1 - Part 2

  • An introduction to boundary conditions
  • Setting up your control files to run
  • Options how to run a TUFLOW model.

Part 3: Model Results

Webinar Link: Tutorial Module 1 - Part 3

  • Model process to check input data
  • Result viewing
  • Simulation performance review

TUFLOW Modelling Webinars

2D Modelling Guidance

1D/2D Modelling Guidance

  • Guidance on 1D channel / 2D domain external linking, nesting a 1D channel within a 2D domain, embedding a 1D culvert within a 2D embankment, underground pipe network modelling: Webinar Link: 1D/2D Linking Guidance

ARR2016 Ensemble Design Flood Estimation Result Post Processing

Supporting Software

XP Solutions

2D Modelling 101

  • An overview of hydraulic modelling history. Discussion on 2D modelling applications and their data requirements. An example model build using XP2D (NOTE: TUFLOW is the 2D engine for XP2D). User tips (focused on errors and challenges new users commonly experience): Webinar Link: 2D Modelling 101

Modelling with Different Cell Sizes

  • An overview of TUFLOW theory. How and why you would modify your 2D cell size. Multiple 2D/2D modelling. How to review model 2D/2D model results. XP2D model demonstration (NOTE: TUFLOW is the 2D engine for XP2D): Webinar Link: Modelling with Different Cell Sizes

Modelling Structures in Floodplains

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